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ID: 17 Upper: BUBBAKUSH.COM.AU Lower: bubbakush.com.au
Domain Extension: .com.au Website: N/A Registration: Jun 19th, 2016 Expiration: Jun 18th, 2018
Category: Strain Names Popular Terms Registrar: GoDaddy Domain Length: 9 Price: $19999
Description: Bubba Kush refers to a Cannabis indica strain of Kush. Bubba
Kush's lineage is difficult to decipher. Sweet chocolate and
coffee flavors compliment its heavy euphoric properties. It induces a
deep, mellow sedative high, euphoric relaxation sensation. The
originator of Bubba Kush has stated that the strain originates from OG
Kush and supposedly Northern Lights. The buds on this plant can range
from forest green to deep purple.
Keywords: bubba, kush

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